Question - Do the Jinn have children?


The jinn get married and multiply

It seems that the jinn get married. Some of the scholars understood this to be the case based on the aayah in which Allah says of the wives of the people of Paradise:

'with whom no man or jinni has had tamth (sexual intercourse) before them.'

(Qur'aan 55: 56)

Tamth in Arabic means sexual intercourse, and it is said that it means sexual intercourse from which bleeding results (i.e., deflowering).

Al-Safaareeni mentioned a hadith whose isnad requires further examination, which says, 

"The jinn produce offspring, just as the sons of Adam produce offspring, but they are greater in number."

Whether this hadith is saheeh or not, the aayah clearly states that the jinn engage in sexual intercourse, and this is sufficient evidence for us.

Our Lord has told us that the Shaytaan has offspring. Allah says rebuking those who take the Shaytaan and his offspring as friends:

'Will you then take him ('Iblees) and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you?

(Qur'aan 18: 50)

Qataadah said:

"The children of the Shaytaan produce offspring just as the children of Adam produce offspring, but they are greater in number."

(Laqt al-Marjaan, p. 51)

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