QUESTION -I would like to know Islamic ways of treating magic. Some of my family members are suffering from effects of black magic. 


If you are sure that what has afflicted you is magic, then I advise you to perform Islamically lawful ruqyah upon yourself. There is no restriction on who can do this, since ruqyah is merely a form of supplication, and supplications are not restricted to certain people to the exclusion of others. It would be better for the afflicted person to perform ruqyah on himself. He should put his trust in Allah and recite the selected verses until he recovers.

Sheikh `Abd al-`Azîz b. Bâz provided us with the following excellent advice that I would like to share with you:

A Muslim should protect himself from all harm by reading the supplications and remembrances that the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised everyone to read in the day and night for protection.

These recommended supplications and remembrances include: 

a. Reciting Ayah al-Kursî (2/255) upon the completion of each prayer after saying the recommended remembrances.

b. To say every morning and evening Three times: “In the name of Allah, in whose name nothing can bring harm in the Earth and in the heavens, and He is the all Hearer and the all Knower.”

These remembrances will protect the Muslim from being harmed by magic and will remove it in case he is smitten by it. 

One of the most famous supplication of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which he would recite to cure his Companions of magic and other illnesses is: “O Lord of the People, remove the affliction, cure as you are the One who cures, there is no cure save from You, a cure that will not leave any illness behind.” It should be repeated three times.

Then there is the ruqyah used by the angel Gabriel which he performed on the Prophet (peace be upon him): “By the name of Allah, I perform this ruqyah on you against anything that hurts you, from any evil of any person, from the eye of jealousy. Allah cures you; by the name of Allah I perform this ruqyah over you.” It is also to be repeated three times.

To remove magic that has afflicted someone, which is especially useful if a man cannot approach his wife for intercourse as a result of magic, is to take seven pieces of the green leaves of the lotus tree and crush them in a bowl and pour enough water therein to wash the body, and then recite over this the following:

Ayah al-Kursî (2/255) 

Sûrah al-Kâfirûn (109) 

Sûrah al-Ikhlâs (112) 

Sûrah al-Falaq (113) 

Sûrah al-Nâs (114) 

The following verses about magic in Sûrah al-A`râf: “We revealed to Moses 'Throw thy rod' and behold, it swallowed up all the falsehoods which they concocted. Thus the truth was confirmed, and all that they did was made of no effect. So they were vanquished there and then and were humiliated.” (7/117-119)

The following verses in Sûrah Yûnus: “Said Pharaoh: 'Bring me every sorcerer well versed'. When the sorcerers came, Moses said to them: 'Cast what you will cast.' When they had casted what they had to case, Moses said: 'What you have brought is sorcery: Allah will surely make it of no effect: for Allah does not make good the work of those who make mischief. And Allah by his words does prove and establish the truth, however much the sinners may hate it.” (10/79-82)

The following verses in Sûrah Tâ-Hâ: “They said: 'O Moses, will you cast or will we be the first to cast?' He said: 'Nay, cast ye first.' Then their ropes and their rods seemed to him on account of their magic like they were in motion. So Moses conceived in his mind a (sort of) fear. We said: 'Fear not, for you have indeed the upper hand. Throw that which is in your right hand. Quickly will it swallow up that which they have crafted, for what they have faked is but a magician’s trick: and the magician succeeds not'." (20/65-69).

After reading all this over the water in the bowl, drink some of it (three sips) then wash yourself with the rest. This procedure may be done two times or more until the magic is removed.

There is another method to remove magic which is one of the best methods when it is possible. This is to know the place where the magic item is. Normally magic will be carried out using some belongings of the victim, such as a few hairs, nails, or other personal objects which are then placed inside a knot of cloth and hidden. This should be taken out and destroyed.

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