Terrorism is the Core of Zionism

Dr. Moh'd N. Al-Khawaldeh

The use of terrorism by the Zionists, is not a reactionary policy, nor is it used casually, rather it is an integral element of the Zionist State. Furthermore the State sees it as being essential to develop and preserve this element of terrorism. The strong relationship between Zionism and terrorism could be linked to the imperialist nature of both the ideological and political parties, which supported the Zionist movement.

The Permanent Characteristics

In order for a Jewish State to be established, it was essential to carry out a policy of constant persecution and terrorism against the natives of land, the Palestinians. It was impossible for the Zionists to achieve their goals without carrying out a policy of racial discrimination against the Arabs. Thus, with regards to this policy at least, it became irrelevant who the political allies of the State were, as this policy was deemed essential to the existence of the State and was not a negotiable aspect of any alliance. The racist nature of Zionism, is an innate characteristic of this political movement, whose basis is the belief that the Jews are "God's chosen people".

The nature of Zionism, together with the ideological persuasions of its political allies, has ensured that the State of Israel has become a military fort, to defend the interests of the imperial powers, in the developing countries of the Near and Middle East.

It is noticeable that Zionism prospered in the mid 1880s when imperialism began advocating the use of racist terms, such as the 'white' man, as well as imposing the so-called 'Western wisdom' on the illiterate people of the East. The Zionist invasion of Palestine was the product of imperialist Europe's invasion of three continents, and it was justified to the world with the theological argument that Palestine was the "Promised Land" of the Jews. Thus, Zionism is a manifestation of colonial imperialism and is based on both race and religion; to be more exact, it is based on a theological claim which states that the land of Palestine is the land which God has promised to the 'Chosen People'. The concept of a 'Chosen People' emphasizes the superiority of the Jews, who should not socialize with other peoples or share the land with any others. Naturally, this has resulted in a racial closure for the Jews, discrimination against all other races, especially the Arabs, who were the original inhabitants of Palestine, as well as an innate sense of superiority amongst the Jewish race. The policy of racial closure is seen as a necessity in order to gather the Jewish people in the diaspora under a central authority, thus the world is divided into Jewish and non-Jewish. Without such a policy of racial closure for the Jews, the Jewish people would be scattered throughout the world, thus making it difficult to establish a State, which represents the Jewish 'nation'. Thus the Zionist State of Israel is the only home for all the Jews.

The Comprehensive Closure

All the Zionist leaders have emphasized the idea of a comprehensive closure. One of the main threats to the Jewish people is perceived as being a dilution of Judaism, through interaction with other societies and cultures. In other words, the Jews may leave their own people and socialize with the other societies, as a result of which they will lose their own identity. Moreover, the idea of a comprehensive closure was conducive to the establishment of the Zionist State. Thus, we can see two reasons why the idea of a Jewish closure was ardently adopted by the Zionists. First, to preserve the existence of the Jewish 'nation' and to make this a worldwide issue. Secondly, to make the Jews into a distinguished and chosen people, with their own peculiar traditions and customs. To this end, it is even forbidden for a Jewish woman to marry a non-Jewish man-to do so is considered a national and religious betrayal that must be punished. 

The objective behind the racial closure in the Zionist ideology is to achieve a pure and superior race. As a result, introversion is considered a virtue and isolation is a ritual. Thus, for the Jews, the idea of the 'Ghetto' is a positive one, in that it does not only show that the Jews are being rejected by the society, which they see as good, but it is a sign of achievement for the Jews. To explain this, we must understand that for a Jew to be a Jew, in the eyes of Zionism, he must refuse to deal with the rest of the human race and work to achieve a comprehensive racial closure by convincing all Jews to move from the diaspora to the Promised Land. This in turn necessitates the forced exile of the indigenous population-the Palestinians-from the land, and the forced return of all Jews to the Jewish homeland. Consequently, the racial closure is a means to preserve the superiority and racial purity of the Jews through the means of a State.

There are obvious differences between Zionism and the other forms of colonial imperialism or classical imperialism. The latter, while emphasizing the superiority of the Europeans, especially the 'whites' who alone are fit to be master, they still require the preservation of the native population, albeit in a subservient role. Zionism, however, requires that all the native population must be exiled, thus leaving the land entirely for the Jews. Such a belief makes the use of terrorism and persecution against the Palestinians, especially those who resist, a necessity. This belief has taken on other dimensions, which have never before been witnessed, even under the Apartheid governments of South Africa and Rhodesia. Zionism rejects the use of internal suppression, but rather it depends on the use of deportation. Zionism is colonial imperialism on the one hand and racial colonial imperialism on the other; as a result, it exploits the resources of the land it occupies and it also deports the natives. 

The racist nature of Zionism existed prior to the invasion of Palestine; as a result, the isolation of the Jews from the Arabs was well planned. This is evidenced by the relatively immediate establishment of the Zionist unions and the application of the Hebraic labour laws, as well as the boycotting of Arabic goods and manpower, via various establishments, such as the Zionist Agency, the National Jewish Fund, the Corporation of Palestine Fund and the Jewish Labour Union. During the preparation for the establishment of the Zionist State, the Zionists moved from boycott to deportation, and from co-existence to the idea of a pure Jewish State. In 1895, Hertzl said, "We should force the natives to leave their homelandůby depriving them of labour"(1); this was further emphasized by Wiseman in 1919, when he was dreaming of a real Jewish State, "as Jewish as England is English" (2). This statement by Wiseman, carries all the characteristics of Fascism, as the Jewish State does not only consider the deportation of the natives to be an absolute necessity, but it is also deemed vital that all memory of the Palestinians be eradicated as well. To this end, all the historical and architectural achievements of the Palestinians, throughout their long history, have to be concealed or destroyed.

Throughout its history Zionism has depended on the means of terrorism, deportation and predation to achieve its objectives; in this respect, Zionism can be equated with Naziism. Fascist theories have been brought to life with the Zionist practices against the Palestinians; for example, the Zionists have put into practice the idea propagated by Hitler of the "Ultimate Solution", which was the execution of the rivals of the Nazi ideology without trial. Hitler also believed in the superiority of the Arian race, and he committed many atrocities in order to make Germany into a pure country, inhabited only by the pure Arian race. Similarly, the Zionists are trying make Palestine into a country without Arabs, so that it will become the Promised Land for God's Chosen People-the Jews.

Over the years, the Palestinians have consistently frustrated the Zionist dreams and plans through their long fight against the occupation. They have been able to achieve this because many of them have remained on their native land, despite the objections of the Jews. The Zionists have responded with the policy of "the security regions", which have been applied to 90% of the Palestinian community within the new State. This term is a polite expression for the martial law which is applied upon the Palestinians, and justified by the so-called 'security threat' of the Palestinians to the State of Israel. As a result, the occupied territories are ruled by a division of military officers, who apply the laws of war and defence, at the military courts. This situation makes it very difficult for the Palestinians to move freely; in addition, it suppresses cultural activities, deprives the Palestinians of the right to a university education and prevents equal pay for the workers who have low-standard jobs. It also confiscates the land under the pretext of public benefit and prevents the Palestinians from taking up any government positions. This situation is similar to the so-called "Bantus" in South Africa, before the time of Mandella. Accordingly, the Israeli society has been divided into two groups; the first group, the Jews, are ruled by the laws of democracy, while the other group, the Arabs, are ruled by force and persecution, which is clear evidence of the rampant racial discrimination practised by the Zionists(3)

From the time the theory of Zionism was invented, the Zionists' use of terrorism has been organized and consistent. The adaptability of the policy of terrorism by the Zionists to the changing conditions within the State, as well as its prolonged use, makes it impossible for Zionism to establish the pure Jewish State without practicing terrorism. The policies of terrorism and deportation, as used by the Zionists and which have indeed become an innate aspect of this political movement, can only provoke the Palestinians to continue their fight as long as the Zionist State exists. Naturally, then, the Palestinian resistance has grown parallel to the Zionists use of terrorism, especially regarding internal matters. This situation can only be stopped by stronger forces, as otherwise it will grow endlessly, at the same time becoming more dangerous and more extreme, although there will come a time when it will be destroyed altogether. Thus, terrorism is an organic constituent of Zionism; it reveals the illusions of this system and works against the final solution to the Palestine question.

The Elements of Terrorism in the Zionist Ideology

1. Ignoring the Palestinians
Zionism does not recognize the existence of the Palestinians; indeed, their existence goes against the Zionist objectives. Thus, it is doing its best to destroy and cancel the Palestinian identity in order to prove that it does not exist; to this end, the Palestinians are uprooted, deported or banished from wherever they live. Zionism only recognizes the Palestinian when he lives outside his homeland and has no Palestinian identity; this idea was emphasized by Hertzl in his dairy when he wrote, "We try to deport the natives to the neighbouring countries and give them jobs so that they will not come back to our land (4)." Hence, the Zionist ideology, which does not generally recognize the existence of the Palestinian people, will do so when it is convenient. In this respect, they will help them get jobs outside the State, as this will eradicate them from the State of Israel. This policy of selective recognition was emphasized by Hertzl when he said, "If I find wild animals in the land we move into, I will use the natives to get rid of the animals before I find them jobs in other countries (5)." So, although, as a rule, the Palestinian should generally be destroyed, one way or another, because the Zionist philosophy teaches that he is not a 'normal' human being, he can, however, be seen to exist when it is necessary to use him for some purpose, which would be degrading for the superior race of the Jews. In this case, he is seen as a primitive animal, which in itself has the same effect of depriving the Palestinian of any real recognition as a human being. This policy of seeing the Palestinians as a non-entity was summed up by Balfour when he said, "We do not have to consult the natives of Palestine or even know their desires (6)."

Hertzl's belief was that the primitive Palestinian should be destroyed; this ideology was adopted by Hertzl because of the scientifically debated differences between the existing human species and the supposed struggle between the primitive and the civilized. This led to the belief that in order to protect and serve civilization, primitivism must be destroyed. Under such a philosophy, Zionism found the pretext to kill in the name of God civilization and self-interests. The most serious point here is that under this belief, murder is considered a marginal crime, a necessity in order to get rid of the Palestinians. This was emphasized by Golda Me'eir when she said, "There is no such term as 'Palestinians'; they do not exist (7)." Such disregard automatically nullifies the concepts of murder, conviction and punishment in relation to actions taken against the Palestinians. Zionism banishes the Palestinians from the realm of humanity in order to justify its deeds, and considers murder as a preventive measure to be taken against strange and harmful creatures. As Begin once said, "Palestinians are just cockroaches which should be crushed (8)." Moreover, Zionism considers the evacuation of the Palestinian cities and villages as a sanitation process, to clear these places of odious 'insects'. It exterminates by force whatever is considered harmful to the civilized human being, and thus the conflict between the two forces begins. As Begin says, "We should recognize that there is not room for two peoples on this land; the only solution is to have a Palestine without Arabs, who must be deported to the neighbouring countries and their tribes should be dispersed." The words used by Begin reflect various Zionist concepts. For example, the use of the word deportation shows the belief that it is impossible to have any co-existence between the Jews and the Arabs, rather that those who are to be deported should be punished severely, because they are undesirables and deserve punishment and persecution. The phrase "there is no room for two peoples on this land" is evidence of the belief that there will be a constant struggle for survival between the two sides until one side overcomes and banishes the other. This need to banish justifies all the necessary means, such as psychological pressure, terrorism and cold-blooded murder, all of which are characteristic of the Arab-Zionist conflict.

The theory that there is a constant struggle that controls the Arab-Zionist conflict is also adopted by Yousuf Wateez, who wrote in his dairies on 19 December 1940, "There is no place for two peoples on this land; the Arabs must be moved to the neighbouring countries (9)." In reality, this means that the Arabs will be given no regard and will be humiliated because although in general the word "move" means to move naturally and freely, here it means to deport the Palestinians from their homeland by force and place them in the neighbouring countries, which are given little choice but to host them. This process firmly divides the Jews and Arabs, the dominant race being the Jews, who consciously plan and order, and the subservient race being the Arabs, who obey. 

One of the present purposes of the Zionist ideology is to play the game of "the face and the mask", which conceals terrorism under the pretext of civilization, murder under the Old Testament, and deportation as movement. This game has always been practiced in theory, but it has become a practical reality after the establishment of the Zionist State, whose ideology is very similar to the ruthless regimes of the apartheid governments of South Africa, Chile and El-Salvador. 

We can thus see the flawed nature of this game; the Zionist State does not represent civilization, rather it stands for all the shortcomings of Fascism, Naziism and Imperialism. This is emphasized by Yousuf Wateez when he says, "There is no salvation for us unless we evacuate the land by deporting the natives and housing them in the neighbouring countries (10)." The author uses the humane term "salvation", which indicates that there is an act of saving someone or of being saved, yet the author clearly shows that this act of salvation for the Jews can only be achieved at the expense of the Arabs, that the rights of one can only be achieved by a denial of the rights of another. This inverted concept, which is propagated with such obstinacy, reveals the false concept of salvation under the Zionist ideology. This racial, narrow-minded, egoistic ideology, does not know the real way of salvation, rather this form of salvation will only lead to the destruction of other peoples. The real concepts of salvation, happiness, freedom and independence are irretrievably bound up with the idea of justice. Nevertheless, the Zionist ideology has denied the Palestinian his rights of land, humanity and history throughout the ages. Indeed, the Israeli ex-Minister of Education, Haroun Yadlin said in 1974, "It is quite important for the young to know that we did not find any nation when we came back to this country (11)." Thus, the young have been deliberately misinformed, so as to ensure the continuation of the State. The minister used the term "nation" because he could not deny the existence of the people; it was clearly his intention to try and deal with this issue theoretically, by comparing it to the foreign hegemony as practised among others-the Ottomans and the British. However, the idea of the 'nation' has been confused with the idea of the 'State'. The fact that there was no independent State does not mean that there was no nation; in this respect, the issue of the Palestinian question does not only concern the Palestinians, but all the third world countries.

The modern nations of the world have been formed after undergoing a severe struggle with the imperialist nations. They became nations because they possessed the necessary qualities of any nation, such as land, history, language and traditions. The use of the word 'nation' by Yadlin is interesting, because under the internationally recognized definition of a nation, there is no such thing as a Jewish 'nation', as prior to 1948 they did not have land, nor was there a universal language or universal traditions. On the other hand, there was a Palestinian 'nation' under this definition, thus Yadlin has used the term to suit his own objective, which is to ignore the existence of the Palestinian nation. The use of the argument that there was not a Palestinian nation, while there was a legitimate Jewish nation, is a mere false justification for the hostile attitude taken by the Jews against the Arabs; after all, if there was no nation, they have no right to be there. The continual repetition of this argument has turned it into a reality for many people (12). The first Minister of Education, the founder of Israel, and the university professor, Benzion Denola, said in the introduction to his book, The History of Hagana, that "There is no place for the Arabs in our land, and we will tell them to leave; if they resist, we will deport them by force." Moreover, Joseph Me'eir, the director of the settlements in the Zionist Agency, wrote in June 1967, "It has become obvious that there is no room for two peoples in this land, and the only solution is to establish Israel west of Jordan, without the Arabs, who must be moved to the neighbouring countries." The terms "move" and "neighbouring countries", in reality, suggest that there will be a continual fight against the Palestinians in order to force them to accept the Zionist laws and hence make the Zionists the dominant race.

2. The Promotion of Hostility through Education
Aggression in the Zionist ideology is not restricted to physical attacks against the Palestinians; it also encompasses a non-physical or mental aspect. This is achieved through a comprehensive and systematic education of the students, the soldiers and the rabbis, using similar methods to those of Fascism and Naziism. Indeed, education is considered as one of the best ways to promote hostility against the Palestinians at all levels. For instance, Jabutensky says, "I have spoiled your sons, and taught them how to destroy the system (the glass of the windows), and I tried to teach them that real education is not about how to read, but about how to fire, and I did not harm them. I hope to be honoured and to be able to continue this (work) as a writer and a guide, as long as I am alive (13)." Apparently, then, the role of a writer is to murder and to teach about murder; the writer is the bullet, and the reader is the gunman. Their job is to find the innocent and na´ve in the schools and turn them into rebels, who are prepared not only to break the glass of the windows, but also to use the gun. Thus, rebellion becomes terrorism, which seeks the utter destruction of the enemy, and indeed makes it a necessity, because the return to Palestine means, in reality, using force through the free use of the gun. Begin says, "I have been taught by my father that we, the Jews, should return to the land of Israel, and we should not use the terms travel, go or come, but we should use the term 'return', which is a completely different and comprehensive idea (14)." The education system is not designed by a guide, who is calling for a redefining of the law of murder, but rather by the father, who has become obsessed by the Zionist bigotry and is able to recognize that Zionism has been imposed upon him. Accordingly, education is establishing the metaphysical maxims that abolish speech and considers these maxims the prime principle of reason. Consequently, the trained, and hence closed, brain does not accept to 'travel' or to 'go' but to 'return', which means to go back to a familiar place, in this case the Promised Land, from which the brain and the soul should not be away (15)

This Fascist-style education disregards the historical realities and has re-written the history of the region, so as to justify its claims. This new version of history has been imposed upon the world at large. Thus, it looks for the justifications to commit murder before the intended victims have even been found. Moshe' Menohen says, "They taught us to hate and disdain the Arabs even in the gym, and they have taught the necessity to banish them, because Palestine is our homeland, as mentioned in the Old Testament." The mania for violence, which is cherished by the Zionist ideology, leads it to sanctify and glorify whatever encourages the use of the sword. 

Education also sanctifies the Zionist ideology itself, which is used as a role model for the education system. Thus by citing the sacred verses of the Old Testament to suit the Zionist objectives, they have been able to make it an educational principle to urge and justify all the massacres which have taken place in the past and all of those which will occur in the future. It is mentioned in the book of Yusha' that, "The people called and used the trumpets so the wall fell in its place, they entered the city and murdered all its people, males, females, children, and the old people, even the cows, goats, and donkeys, using swords" (Yusha' 6/20). It is also mentioned that, "Yusha' had captured Muqeideh that day and murdered all the people, he did the same in Jericho and then moved to Labneh, and did the same as in Jericho" (Yusha' 10/28). This typical text, which cherishes the use of terrorism and murder, does not lurk in the pages of some little-used book, but it is the essence of the Zionist education programme. 

Therefore, the murder of the Arabs is not only seen as a justified act, but it is considered that it should be an ambition for the young people, and indeed it is seen as a way for them to be loyal to their inherited education and culture. To make sure that these texts, and indeed the education system in general, has been effective, the students are tested on this subject at school, with the following two questions: First, 'Do you consider what Yusha' Ben did was right or wrong, and why?'; secondly, 'Suppose the Israeli forces have occupied an Arab village and they have done the same as Yusha' Ben Noon did in Jericho, would you agree, and why?' The Zionist Professor, George Tamarine justified this type of questioning by saying, "What Yusha' did was not the only pattern in the Old Testament, however, it was chosen because Yusha's Book is significant to the Israeli education system". He added, "The goal of the war has been the occupation of the land, and so the Israelis were quite right in killing all the population of the city when they occupied it, because we do not want strangers in Israel."

The Zionist ideology is very efficient, and consequently it makes sure that all forms of education have been received and comprehended by the students. Consequently, while the topic of 'terrorism' is an optional subject, it should be taken if the students are loyal to the Zionist ideology. The young students are taught to accept the massacres that have occurred in the past and to promise to repeat them in the future. Thus the Zionist professor points out that Yusha's Book is one of the most significant in the Zionist education system. This reveals the intimate relationship between the Zionist ideology and the Biblical heritage, and shows that the modern Israeli education system does not ascribe to the new colonial philosophies, but rather it is a continuation of the summary of the Old Testament.

The Zionist education system has made Yusha' into a national hero, who is shown as a symbol of the heroism of the past and as an example for each Jew to follow. On the other hand, the Zionists ignore the works of Spenosa, the rational Jewish philosopher, and the teachings of the contemporary Jewish scientist, Einstein, who refused to become the President of Israel. The Zionists have chosen to emphasize Yusha', a bloody and aggressive character, as the ideal which should be followed by all Israelis. Thus, under the Zionist education system, the ugly and generally repulsive aspects of human history, starting from Yusha' on up to the American persecution of the Red Indians, are celebrated. The example of Yusha' has been used by the Zionists to create millions of new Yushas, armed with the latest military technology in order to destroy the villages and murder the inhabitants. Such a use of the dead to create heroes is similar to the methods used in the Fascist education programmes. The Fascists also use ancestors to create an example for the people to follow. For example, under Hitler it was the "pure Arian", under Mussolini it was "the Perfect Roman"; this is also the case with the slogans of the contemporary French Fascist, Jean Marie Lu'pen, who promotes the idea of "the pure French civilization". All the many facets of Fascism, including Zionism, do not recognize reality because it is generally not conducive to the attainment of their objectives. On the contrary, they see it as an absolute necessity to create false threats, foes and excuses, and then to 'educate' the people about these matters. Finally, the Zionist education system teaches that the illusions that they have promoted as truth, can only be realized through bloodshed, policies of house destruction and land confiscation.

3. The Philosophies of Terrorism and Force 
Since Zionism relies upon a form of apartheid, it should be led to destroy its foes based upon the principle of apartheid that teaches "survival is for the best". In other words, in order to protect themselves, the superior race has authority to control, by whatever means, the lower, inferior race. This is considered to be a natural law of survival. However, the Zionists also rely on the false claim that the Jews have been persecuted throughout ages, which gives them the justification to behave as they do. 

According to the Zionist perspective, the Jew has lived under continual persecution throughout time and therefore he has to raise his sword against all his foes and seek retribution. Begin believed that the Jews would not be able to live peacefully unless they proved that they were the strongest, that they have to be merciless, because being merciful is a sign of weakness and would threaten the existence of the Jews. In addition to natural philosophy and false history, Zionism has tried to achieve the establishment of a so-called "vital domain", which entails the erection of walls and easily defendable borders, or the creation of a natural extension to the State, so as to facilitate its political, economic and ideological movement. Thus, the existence of the State of Israel naturally requires the use of force, because this State is surrounded by the Arabs, who should be sent a clear message that they will be exterminated if they do not accept the Zionist ideology.

The philosophy and practices of the Zionists rely on both modern ideas as well as the ancient religion of the Jews. This is because the Jewish religion, as created by the rabbis, remains as a source of inspiration for all those who adopt terrorism and glorify force. The Prophet Ezekeil says, "Do not be merciful, murder everybody, including the young, the old, the virgins, the children and the women, all of whom should be destroyed." It is also mentioned in the Talmud that, "The Jew should murder an infidel because this will make him closer to God." It also says, "Jesus Christ and his disciples are infidels". Yahuthkia says that, "This statement includes all the pagans". On the other hand, Memanoud interprets the words of God, which say "Do not kill" as meaning "God prohibits the killing of the Jews", and in addition, the Jews should "Forgive the non-Jew even he is an atheist, kills an Israeli, or if he has slept with a Jewish woman, as long as he becomes a Jew". 

Hence, we have two representations of murder: the first urges the committing of murder, regardless of any ethical or moral reference, and it considers murder a permitted action, without any limitations or restrictions, being applicable for all, men, women, children and the elderly. The second representation supplements the first, because it permits the killing of non-Jews in retribution; this applies to all peoples who are not of the Jews, including Jesus, and all his followers, who are considered to be infidels. Consequently, the world is divided into two parts; the first is the realm of the Jew who stands with a raised sword, and the second is the realm which belongs to all non-Jews, who must be exterminated. This philosophy is a result of the belief that the Jew is the mirror of God on earth, and that therefore in his role as God's reflection on earth, he is capable of distinguishing between faith and unfaith. Again, this is similar to the image of the Arian, as used in the Hitlerite philosophy of Resenburgh, which divides the world into black and white, or man and beasts, with the role of man being to clear the earth of all fierce and primitive life forms. 

The Jewish theology teaches, that the universe will not be beautiful unless it is cleansed by the Jewish sword of all the foes of the Jews; hence murder has become the sole means of achieving this beauty. In searching for this beauty, the Zionists have simplified the first teachings of Zionism, so that they are close to the teachings of the church and political reality, which rely on terrorism. Under these teachings, since most of people are barbarians, the best way to rule them is through violence and terrorism, rather than through democracy or social debates. The wise men can impose absolute racial discrimination, because the world is divided into savages and the chosen few, who have the right to govern the entire world. Thus the Zionists do not simply talk about the kingdom of Jerusalem, the Promised Land, or Utopia, they believe that they have the right to rule the whole world. 

As we have already discussed, the Zionists believe that this can only be achieved through murder and war. Indeed, it is argued that war is the beginning and the end, and that it is the way of the strong, while politics is for the weak. The wise men of Zion found their beliefs on history and human experience-they believe that people were originally ruled by brutal, blind force and later by law, which they see as being one and the same thing. Zionism expresses three facts: first, that brutality is an innate part of human nature; secondly, Zionism accepts the brutal side of human history and does not recognize the enlightenment, which emphasizes the right of all peoples to live peacefully. It does not even approach the humanitarian ideas of Russell, Albert Einstein, and Karl Marx, instead it refers to the pre-human phase or the "human cattle" society, where man was ruled solely by instinct, far away from the rational development phases of humanity. Thus Zionism adopts the use of blind instinct and refers to the man of the primitive era, where he was ruled by instinct, while it disregards the development of human societies, rationally, ethically and culturally; and thirdly, because Zionism disregards the development of the human society, it equates modern law with the natural laws of brutal force, thus completing its circle of darkness. 

Zionism epitomizes the use of war instead of politics, persecution instead of debate, instinct instead of reason, the old instead of the new, and the Jews instead of all others. As they have said, "We are the source of terrorism everywhere, and all people belonging to various origins and faiths are keen on serving our goals." They state that their policy is one of force and double-dealing because they can see that success can be achieved by force, especially force which is necessary for the politician who must depend upon his genius, violence and cunning. Zionism does not only adopt the use of terrorism, war and force, it also disdains all that is considered to be humane and ethical, thus it glorifies double-dealing and cunning, and considers them innate qualities for the genius. Such a philosophy binds humanity with evil, sheds blood and denies the human standards, which confirms the unity of human society, the development of reason and the promotion of the human culture. This is because racialism denies humanity, sheds blood, monopolizes the human qualities, and generally does not recognize humanity, except as an inferior standard. Ben Gurion rationalized and justified terrorism when he said that the rifle was invented to kill others and that the soldier is the means to carry this out, and that this is the case just as water is for drinking and air is for breathing. Furthermore, that "Armed and powerful people are to be considered as a danger against themselves as well as others, especially when they are more powerful than the others, consequently we should exterminate them. This is the mission of the Hagana members who must always be merciless, bearing in mind that man has never been an angel, but consists merely of flesh and blood, that he may misuse his powers unless he is always under control."

Ben Gurion has revived the teachings of Zion's wise men, and he has rationalized these teachings, proposing that the armed man is a natural phenomenon that develops just as all other natural phenomena do. He teaches that arms are a natural part of the universe, and that the fighter grows as naturally as the plants; this is an idea that is similar in many ways to the belief in the law of the jungle. On another level, he discusses the political economy of force, which, he argues, will turn upon its creator as well as society unless it is channelled through carefully chosen methods, such as terrorism. He proposes that such a policy will achieve balance in the society which otherwise risks being destroyed. This is similar to the power of sexual energy, which can cause negative and destructive psychiatric symptoms, unless it is released. Consequently, in order to preserve both the body and soul, the use of violence is deemed to be a necessity. Respectively, the means to control this energy is through a 'superpower', which does not suppress violence but rather systematically unleashes it. Thus, according to Ben Gurion, the State is the instrument to control and channel violence to the right path, that, although violence should be regulated, it is essential to the existence of the State. 

This philosophy considers violence to be a natural instinct and murder a natural necessity, that man cannot achieve a healthy balance unless he releases his destructive potential through the act of killing. It is interesting to note here that Ben Gurion has ignored the possibility of releasing this latent energy through other means, such as sports, arts and community work. The reasoning here is flawed because it does not give any investigation into other possibilities, rather it ignores them because they do not suit the desired objective, the supremacy of the Jews and the annihilation of all other races. Despite this flawed philosophy, the Zionist ideology is able to permeate daily life with continual violence, soldiers and the importance of the State. Hagana itself is a terrorist organization based on its own political and economic principles.

A predicament for Zionism has been its inability to truly justify its brutal philosophy, which is therefore couched in acceptable 'civilized' terms. Ben Gurion, for example, masks the policy of terrorism with abstract, philosophical terms. On the other hand, both Egal Aloan and Arthur Coaster are more open in their expressions. Aloan states, for example, that "The process has been based on a plan, by which the Deir Yasseen massacre took place, which had been used to terrify the Arabs in Hebron, five days before the official declaration of the Jewish State." While Arthur Coaster states, "The bloodshed at Deir Yasseen was a decisive psychological factor used to deport the Arabs." The Zionist writer Michael agrees with this view when he states, "The massacre at Deir Yasseen was planned with the intention of frightening the Arabs, so as to make it easier to deport them." 
Terrorism, then, has been used as part of a comprehensive policy to solve the problem of the Palestinians as quickly as possible. In addition, the need to destroy the enemy at all costs, regardless of their innocence or rights, makes the use of terrorism an obvious choice. The Zionists' use of terrorism, which they argue is a natural part of society, is in reality simply a prelude for a policy of imperial racialism. As Begin says, "When we look northwards, we can see the fertile plains of Syria and Lebanon, when we look eastwards, we can see the Euphrates, the Tigris and the oil of Iraq, and when we look westwards, we can see Egypt, so we will not grow unless we settle the problem of land by force and make the Arabs subservient." Violence is an instinctive part of Zionism, which needs room to grow, and the Arab countries are seen as the suitable field for this growth, however the existence of the Arabs on this land means that they have to be subdued into obeying the Jews with both body and soul. 

The Zionist ideology incorporates two basic factors: the first is the quality of direct imperialism, and the second is the concealed nature of the ideology and its regulation of aggression. The State does not expand due to its hostile nature, but rather because it needs to grow, thus terrorism is used as a mechanism to force the Arabs to leave their homeland. This has always been concealed by philosophical ideas and teachings, which, when removed, reveal the true nature of Zionism, which can only exist through terrorism.

Absolute Egoism

There has never been any confusion with regards to the concept of egoism as taught by the Zionist ideology. On the contrary, it is very clear from the teachings relating to the belief in "God's Chosen People". The modern philosophy states, "The capital (Jerusalem), which is home to the grandsons of Hertzl, Kafka and Shagal, is the most glorious capital in the world." The belief in the greatness of the State of Israel and its people necessitates the denial of historical facts, of human development and of the right of peoples to live peacefully on their land, as well as its dependence on a policy of apartheid. Such absolute egoism in Zionism requires that only the history of the Jews is recognized, thus the Jew is portrayed as the absolute victim of Fascism, Arab terrorism and of the socialist community; thus the plight of the Jew is the beginning and the end of all history.

This egoism also measures the progression or regression of humanity, thereby dictating that whoever disagrees with the Jews is mistaken, and whoever agrees with them is right and full of truth. As Jabutensky states, "Everybody except you is wrong, and you are always right, but do not try to find reasons for this, because it is not necessary or correct; never admit that your foe is right; if you are unsure, stay in your home, otherwise do not look backwards." Thus, without the Jews there can be no truth. This is the highest form of terrorism, and it is perfect because it is connected with the idea of "the best species"; thus it has become the source of all power and law-whatever it does is correct even when it includes murder and genocide. Such a belief in the one truth-the Zionist truth-is the ideological base for all potential acts of terrorism, every criticism or preference for other than the Jews justifies acts of terror.

Truth in the Zionist ideology is that which justifies its policy, consequently, what is truth is inextricably bound up with the declared benefits of Zionism. Zionism is thus the criterion for truth, all paths leading to Zionism are right, and all beliefs and principles will not be true unless they serve Zionism. According to this philosophy, the murder of children, the spreading of vice and immorality, and the support of tyrants and racialists, are all forms of defending the truth. As Begin says, "The most necessary thing is the inner feeling, which makes the illegal legal and vice versa, so we have masked our illegal actions with a (veneer) of legality". The concept of truth in this terroristic philosophy is absolute relativity, which serves the direct interests of the Jews; thus all standards and norms of humanity are reversed. All things that go against the interests of the Jews are considered illegal, while all that goes with them are legal. Consequently, all Palestinians, Christians and all democratic forces are seen as illegal because they are against the Zionist ambitions, even the United Nations becomes an illegal entity when it denounces Zionist aggression. This is because the Zionists teach that the Jew is a special race that has absolute legitimacy in all actions, whether in the form of raids, chemical warfare, poisoning water resources, destroying houses and supporting dictatorships. Begin states, "A new type of human has been created from tears, fire, blood and ashes, and who has not been known for more than 1,800 years. This is 'the militant Jew', whom the world thought had been buried forever, but he has been resurrected and he has learned the simple truth of life and death; he will not die or vanish again." The use of the phrase "a new type of human being" is evidence of all the illusions and arrogance of the Jews, as well as the terrorist philosophy which is adopted by the Zionist ideology. Clearly the Jew is seen as a super human, subject to different laws, and who has been created from blood, ashes, fire and tears. Such beliefs are significant elements of all the racial, chauvinistic and Fascist philosophies of the world. 

Begin's new concept of the "militant Jew", states that the real Jew is the fighter, whose existence is bound up with the gun, as well as with the glorification of power, bloodshed, terrorism, murder and the wanton desire to destroy life. Begin derives all these forms of aggression from extremists such as Hitler, Neeron and Hulaku. The use of words and phrases such as ashes, blood, 1,800 years, and so on, all work to show the high, even holy, status that terrorism is seen to hold by the Zionists. The human ideology, ascribed to by the majority, deals with the dynamics of life, but the Zionist ideology glorifies death and the past. Furthermore, as we have seen previously, the egoism of the Zionists insists that anyone who objects to the opinions and decisions of the Israeli State must be suppressed.

A student in a school from the coastal region of Israel wrote, "The purpose of the war was the capturing of the land by Israelis; they did well when they deported the people and occupied the cities, because we do not want strangers in Israel." Clearly then, all people, other than the Jews, are strangers, who should be suppressed and disposed of. This young student talks simply about occupation, strangers and killing people as if they are normal occurrences that are essential for life. The student's choice of words automatically reflects his Fascist education, which emphasizes the killing of others, because the existence of a Jew automatically nullifies the rights of the opposition. 

On the other end of the scale, from the egoism of the Jewish race, is the inferiority, baseness and filthiness of all other races. The writer Moshe' Menahem admits that, "They impressed the evil into our hearts, saying repeatedly that our native land should be cleared of all strangers, especially the Arab Palestinians." This statement shows how the Zionist ideology depends upon repetition and various forms of brainwashing, until the Jew becomes an embodiment of malice and hatred, with a closed brain, ready to carry into action all the teachings, orations and broadcasts of the leaders. He is taught to equate 'strangers' with filthiness, and to believe that the land will not be cleansed until all others are destroyed.

The concept of absolute egoism is inter-related with the ideas of hegemony and domination, because it teaches that the Semites are super-human, and that all others are inferior to him. It is therefore essential that they have control over everything, as otherwise they will lose their super-human qualities. Ben Gurion said in his address to a group of students that, "The map of Israel is not the (true) map of our land, because we have another map which should be understood by you, the young; the Jewish nation must extend the boundaries of its State from the Nile to the Euphrates." The phrase "another map" is a strategic slogan to show that the land of Palestine is just the starting point, that the Israeli State one day aims to capture all the Arab lands and beyond. This 'other map' is not limited, either chronologically or spatially. When we understand the true Zionist objectives, as expressed by the very existence of this 'other' map, it becomes clear that the occupation of the Sinai and the Golan Heights was a partial fulfilment of the Zionist objectives, as was the destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, the PLO headquarters in Tunis, and the invasion of Southern Lebanon. This map is not merely representative of geographical considerations, it also incites and directs the policy of terrorism and persecution, with the aim to destroy all that goes against Judaism.

The Old Testament orders, "Now, kill whatever is in front of you, men, women, children, infants, cows, camels, and donkeys, do not leave anything." From this, the Zionists teach that all people, other than the Jews, should be killed and deprived of everything. This suggests, then, that the Zionists believe that the whole world should be free for the Jews, as it is stated in the Bible that, "These cities are given to you by the force of God." Consequently, the Zionists believe they have a God-given right to capture the cities of others. Furthermore, that to do otherwise means that they are disobeying God, that to live in peaceful co-existence is against God's teachings. 

The Blind Spirit

A primary quality of the Zionist ideology is the absolute belief in the divine message of the Jewish religion. This leads to the belief that the Jews-God's Chosen People-must control everything, because the whole world has been created by the power of God. The Jew must be entirely dedicated to this ideology, and he must work to recreate the reality as seen by Zionism. A Zionist says, "I was a member of a gang who was raised in the paradise of the settlements in Jerusalem; by the time I was 15 years old, I had learned well all the aspects of Jewish life, and I was taught the 'Political Jewish Nationalism' until I became 20 years old. The students were taught Hertzl's teachings at school. One student was the son of Safy Moshe' Sharite (Shertouk, before he changed his name after the establishment of Israel), who became the Prime Minister after Ben Gurion withdrew from the government." The words and phrases that he uses shows the pride that he feels in being so educated and his reverence of the Zionist ideology. The real Zionist, then, is one who has been born and brought up according to these principles, and who hence becomes a legitimate son of this racial State. The use of the term "gang" shows the disregard that Zionism has for all familiar human terms, whereas the term "gang" generally represents a distasteful idea the world over, under Zionism, it is a symbol of pride and dignity. Such pride in themselves as Jews is emphasized in the statement, "We are the first graduates of the Zionist temple of Jewish political nationalism; we swear to rescue our land 'Palestine' and to deport all the Arabs by any means necessary."

Such blind belief in this ideology has turned the schools into sacred temples for the cause, while the graduate is seen to be a fully trained 'holy' warrior, whose task is the liberation of Palestine from the infidel Arabs. The Zionist ideology has thus used religion, and what the Jews consider to be holy, as a means to justify all their political illusions and to thus enable them to achieve their goals. Clearly then the purpose of the Zionist education system is to teach the necessity of force. The Zionist mechanism uses all the Western terms of education and psychology to create a blind, bigoted and closed nation, which will serve its goals. Thus, education has become the rituals, schools have become the temples, and reason has become a means of destruction and terrorism.

The terrorist rabbi Kahana epitomized this blind spirit when he stated that he was "a nuclear bomb", which would destroy all the Arabs. He clearly considers terrorism to be a part of religion when he states, "The faster we wage the holy war to destroy the Arabs, the sooner the salvation of the world will be completed with the appearance of the Messiah, and the Jews will then live a thousand years in peace." Kahana believes that the Messiah will not come unless all the Arabs are exterminated according to the Messiah's desires. Both Kahana and Perez agree on this point, but they diverge in the methods taken to achieve this goal. The former depends on theological terrorism and expresses himself frankly, while the latter depends on the principles of power and persecution. While they differ in their choice of words, their objective is the same-to get rid of the Arabs. This is because all Zionists come from the same mould and believe that Jewish goals can only be achieved through terrorism.

Throughout the world, reason is based on the logical relationship between cause and effect, but under Zionism all standards are reversed, to unify what cannot be unified and to give positive qualities to negative things and vice versa. For example, Jabutensky states, "My son's job as an official of the illegitimate immigration programme, which helps the Jews come to Palestine, is a great honour." Consequently, honour is viewed under Zionism as working for an illegal immigration programme, to reverse all the existing, normal relations, and to either deport all the Palestinians or to kill them.

Honour is Synonymous with the Generation of Immigration and Death

The irrational nature of Zionism does not only appear in the inversion of all logical criteria, but it also includes all aspects of life, such as the usurpation of land and murder, which is committed, not as a result of hostility but due to the mystery of the Jews. 

"We should not forget that Israel, for which we have been fighting, is not the UN's concept of the division of land, but it is the whole State of Israel, based on our strategies and fate, to capture our native land from the Nile to the Euphrates." The objective to forcefully occupy land is a clear intention of aggression, but it is concealed by the ideas of fate, hope and the realization of old dreams. Thus, the Zionists hide the policy of land occupation behind elaborate smoke screens, which portrays that the Jews have been given a mission by God, and they are simply obeying God's teachings, for which they should not be blamed. Indeed, the God of the Zionists is a violent being, full of hatred and arrogance. "God comes from far away, indignant, with a full mouth, talking to his Chosen People, saying, 'I am the only God who makes his swords drunk by blood; My sword eats the flesh of the dead enemy', because God has revenge on his foes, for the blood of his servants and the land of his people", and as we have already seen, the Zionists, by their own admission, are simply the reflection of their God on earth. 

The irrationality of this ideology leads to murder and manic destruction, and it denies all humane ideas and traditions. 

Furthermore, it reverses what is legal to what is illegal, and goes against common sense through its violation of human norms. As the rabbi Shar says, "The rabbi can grace the people if the dead is not a Jew, because killing others is not considered a crime but an action which pleases God." Thus, for the Zionists murder is a ritual which is blessed by the rabbis; furthermore that the faith of the Jew won't be perfected unless he kills others, especially the Palestinians. The Talmud states, "Murder is best, and the Jews are not allowed to rescue anybody, whoever he is, or take him out of a hole in which he has fallen, especially the pagans", and it adds, "If any of the pagans fall in a hole, close it with a big stone." Memanoud says, "It is not allowed to pity the pagans, even if they fall in a river, or are endangered, because all the seven peoples who were in the Canaanite land should have been killed by the Jews, but some of those escaped and mixed with other nations, and so they must all be killed, and whoever does not kill is an infidel." Murder has several justifications in Judaism, including religion, self-defence, history, superiority and racialism. In addition, the racialism, imperialism and militarism of Zionism all depend upon murder and the overall destruction of man.

The Extremist Zionist Movements

These movements are the best example of the Zionist policy of terrorism, which ignores diplomatic language, political cunning, and has little regard for its image locally or internationally. These groups meet the needs of all Zionists, who use them to camouflage their own political goals, because they are semi-official organizations. Furthermore, these groups direct the movement of all the settlers and are even represented by some of the Zionist politicians. 

1. Gosh Emunim
This is the most extreme Zionist movement. It believes in the entire Judaization of land, State and traditions; it disregards everything except what is Jewish. It was founded by the Ashkenazi theologist, Raf Cook, who established the first Merkaz Hraf movement in 1924. His beliefs were based on religious teachings. For example, he states, "The return of Judaism to Palestine, the re-housing of the Jews and the use of land is the beginning of Salvation." He died in 1935. His teachings continued after his death, even though his ideas emphasized the spiritual rather than the political. This movement appeared after the October war (the Ramadan war) in 1973, when defeat was justified due to the argued deviation from Judaism and the religious texts, in that the existence of the Arabs in Palestine goes against the Jewish religion. The movement is presently directed by Tsevy Yahuda Cook, Raf Cook's son, who interprets all the necessary religious texts to justify all forms of terrorism, while others carry out these directions.

Moshe' Lavenger is the rabbi and prominent Zionist who is conspicuous in propagating these ideas, with pronouncements such as, "Arabs go to Hell". He wanders from one place to another, to encourage terrorists all over the country to take action; he even attacks the Government, which he believes has become unable to defend the Jewish ideals, spirit and State. Lavenger was born in Jerusalem in 1935 to a German family. He was educated at religious schools, and he then joined the "Nahal" or the military settlements. Later he studied at the religious schools in order to become a rabbi. In 1968, he moved to Hebron where he established a nuclear colony called Qiryat Arba. He paid a lot of attention to the young, teaching them to frighten the Arabs, and of the necessity of deporting them, using various methods of terrorism. He ignores all the classical, diplomatic norms and values, and instead adopts the brutal ideas common to Fascism, which go against reason. 

This movement aims at the establishment of "The Great Israel", which is in common with other extremist movements such as Herout and the National Religious Party. It believes in the power of the young and the scholars, and it attempts to correlate between these and the extremists, to achieve the perfect system. It rejects all forms of compromise and instead gives emphasis to groups of agitators, who lead the riots and rebellions. The organization of this movement does not begin with the relationship between the base and the headquarters, rather it pays greater attention to the young, choosing those who it sees as having potential, and then educates them at special religious schools. These schools are divided into two types; the intermediate schools, which prepare the students ideologically; they are then sent to the army, where they are trained for six months, after which they return to school. Secondly, the religious schools belong to the Raf Centre in Jerusalem and are supported by the Ministry of Defence. These schools prepare the commando troops, "Cook", under the supervision of Tesvy Yahuda, a tyrannical agitator, who is on good terms with the army, and who is a living manifestation of Begin's idea of "the Jewish warrior."

Despite the intimate relationships between this movement and the army, its activities are extremely secret, especially with regard to the higher positions and the leadership. As a result, all its activities are rapid and carried out without warning, and include targets such as demonstrations and the Arabs. Other activities, such as the settlements, involve all members and are generally carried out with great rapidity in order to frighten the enemy as much as possible. For example, under the great demonstration named "The Land of Israel", which took place after the 1967 war, 250,000 Jews moved to establish a multitude of colonies. The movement believes that Zionism is not just a State, but a way of life, which includes the use of religion, arms and land in daily life. Its political system emphasizes the gathering of all the Jews in Palestine so as to establish a religious Jewish community, which should settle in the land of Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates, and which will be independent in all its decisions, politically and economically.

2. Kakh Movement 
This is a perfect example of a terrorist organization in Israel. It depends on both a Mafia-like organization as well as religion, which it uses to conceal its true objectives through reference to the Old Testament. It was established by Me'eir Kahana, an internationally renowned terrorist and the founder of the Jewish Defence Organization, which is on good terms with several Mafia bosses. He came to Palestine in 1969 after he had become a professional terrorist, and he established the principle of "Roof", which teaches that all traitors (those who accept the existence of Arabs on the land of Israel) should be killed. His next step was to establish the Kakh movement.

Me'eir Kahana belonged to a family of rabbis, who migrated to the USA in the early 1900s. He was born in New York in 1932 and was named Me'eir Marten. He was educated by his father, the rabbi Charles Kahana. He later worked for the "Betar" organization, but he did not join their programme because he did not consider it to be the perfect terrorist organization. He went on to join the "Bani Akeevsa" organization. He began a career in law, but this soon ended and he then came to Israel.
In addition to Kahana, another prominent personality of the Kakh movement was Za'eif, who was killed in Hebron in 1980. He was Christian and a Vietnam veteran known for his sadism. He was injured and sent back to the USA. He later became a Jew, at which time he moved to Palestine to continue his career in terrorism. One of the most extreme members of this organization is Yuval Larner, who moved to Palestine from the USA. He was a founder of the Jewish Defence Organization, and he vehemently propagated the destruction of the Arabs, an idea which he facilitated with the establishment of the 'Violence Groups', which worked to deport the Arabs through all means. Other members include Jad Srougan, Kahana's assistant, Yahuda Renheiter and Yussy Dayan. 

These movements are both very similar, with similar methods of terrorism and similar beliefs, as we can see from the Kakh programme, which includes the following ideas: (a) the deportation of the Arabs; (b) the Jews are God's Chosen People; and (c) the Jewish kingdom, granted by God, includes all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The terrorist actions of this movement include the strict control of Al Aqsa Mosque, the bombing of the Dome of the Rock, the burning of Al Aqsa, the attack on an Arab vehicle near Jerusalem and the planting of numerous bombs in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem. The Kakh organization carries out the plans of the Zionist organization and, as such, is a silent member of the Zionist movement. 

The Government believes it is necessary to reduce the number of Arabs, while Kahana believes that Arabs should be deported by force, unless they accept to stay, not as citizens, but as servants or taxpayers. The difference between the Government and Kahana's movement is in the language; the former uses the term 'demographical imbalance', while the latter uses the phrase 'deportation by force', both of which have the same connotation.

Both the organizations of Gush Emunim and Kakh are very similar, because both depend on the concept of "the agitator Jew". They both inspire teamwork by playing on the emotions, and they depend upon the principle of chauvinism to awaken the hostile instincts in the young and the religious. Membership to either organization is attained through the signing of a statement, or through an application. Kahana says, "This organization is financed by donations from the USA"; this is not completely true because it is also supported by official departments in Israel. Kahana died before he realized his dream of the complete deportation of the Arabs.

The Non-Existent Competition

In addition to the above-mentioned movements, there are two further terrorist organizations, but they are not any different in their teachings or their objectives from Gush Emunim or Kakh. This is not surprising because Zionism is the theory and practice of terrorism, and the competition within the various terrorist groups is not due to political or ideological attitudes, but rather to geographical and historical realities. Consequently, the existence of numerous terrorist movements does not necessarily mean there are different attitudes, but it is due to the different types of people who make up the State of Israel. In other words, the different backgrounds of the Jews, which is dependent upon their origins, gives them different attitudes to various issues. For example, the Jews who came from the West are different from those who came from the East. Another reason for the existence of various groups is the gap between the theory which says that the land of Israel is from the Nile to the Euphrates, and the difficulties of the practical realization of this dream. 

This problem has resulted in hostile activities over the years, especially after the October war in 1973, the siege of Beirut in 1982, and the daily persecution, which occurred during the Intifadah. This was a result of the belief that the Zionist plan had not yet been realized because the leaders had not used terrorism to its full potential, the Jews must be more active and determined, and the Government must at all times be true to the ideology of Zionism and never show weakness. 

The democratic ideology corrects its path in a democratic way, but the terrorist ideology depends ultimately on terrorism to achieve its goals and this, ironically, is the beginning of the end of any terrorist ideology. These considerations make all research into the differences between the programmes of the various terrorist organizations meaningless, because in reality there are no differences. In fact, the variety of these organizations is the core of the Zionist State.

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